Knuchel Farben
Parent company with production and development for the areas of building protection, wood as well as automotive and industrial coatings.
These are the sales outlets of Knuchel Farben AG throughout Switzerland. Here you can find out more about the range of services and opening hours.
Nouvelle Comédie Geneva
Opening: February 2021
The Theater of the Future - la Nouvelle Comédie
Water service / City of Lausanne
Implementation: November 2020 / Entreprise SPI SA
Corrosion protection in areas with high humidity
ECLON PUR C3 Single layer coat
Economical protective coating for interior and exterior
Nullifire SC 803 1-K water-based steel fire protection coating
Cost-saving due to enormously efficient layer thicknesses
Nullifire SC902 - Intumescent Steel Coating
Safe, Fast Track, On-Site
MS DIAMANT (Shiptec AG Lucerne)
New construction: 2017
The exciting new event ship