Knuchel Farben
Parent company with production and development for the areas of building protection, wood as well as automotive and industrial coatings.
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1906      Establishment of 'ECLATIN AG' by the Dutchman Louis Keylewer.
     First own manufacturing plant; production of oil based lacquers and oil based enamel.
1939      The company is taken over by Mr. Hans Gygax senior.
1945      ECLATIN AG supplies the first retailers in the do-it-yourself sector.
1977      Generation change: Mr. Hans Gygax junior takes the lead of the company. In consequence the product range is refined and
     the sales service is strengthened.

     Mr. Erwin Hohl enters the company as technical manager. Reorientation regarding strategy and product assortment
     toward corrosion protection. New developments of special systems on base of humidity-hardening and coventional
     2-components of PU resins.
1985      The first humidity-hardening systems appear on the market.
1990      Expansion of the business activity to Germany and France (inner tube lacquer).
1996       ECLATIN AG turns 90 years old; new ownership structure. 
1999       ECLATIN launches the first special wear protective systems (e.g. elastomer). 
2000      Export reaches one-third of the total income.
2001     Rebuilding and investment of CHF 1.5 Million for environmental measures.
    In the same year certification according to ISO 9001 standard is achieved.
2002      Enlargement of the production area.
2003 is born.
2004       The CORODUR systems find application in South America and in the Far East. 

     ECLATIN celebrates its 100. Birthday!
     A modern, environmental friendly wood pellet heating replaces the old oil burner; we are supplied with ecosystem electrical
     power and certified accordingly.

2007      Enlargement of production and office space by about 50%; Various modifications to the existing facilities and equipment.
2008       Commissioning of a new reactor for the production of internal protective lacquers for tubes. In the same year our paint
     mixing system is relieved by an automatic color mixing
2010       The operation is further streamlined with a new, fully automatic barrel and swale cleaning system. 
2011       Several major projects in the Steel construction for hydraulic engineering are performed with Eclatin products. This manages 
     the definite market breakthrough in this area.
     The majority of Eclatin AG shares is being transferred to the Knuchel Farben AG. The company still occurs successfully
     under its own name, but with a new, fresh logo on the market
2013       The Quality Management System is aligned according to the new requirements of ISO 9001: 2008. 
2017      In April; Certification of Quality management ISO 9001:2015 and new environmental management 14001:2015.
2019      Ecovadis: Awarded a gold medal for recognition of sustainability success
2022      The new photovoltaic system was installed on the roof.